It is a 100% family entertainer: Rajasenan

Director Rajasenan is well known for his light hearted family entertainers, mainly with Jayaram as the hero, like Melepparambil Aanveedu, Aniyan Bawa Chettan Bawa, Aadyathe Kanmani, Dillivala Rajakumaran, Madhuchandralekha among others.

Now he is busy making a family drama, Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu, with himself and Rahman in the male-lead. Sithara, who is making a comeback into Malayalam, plays his wife.

Rajasenan talks to about his new role and says that he decided to do it, just because the character suited him perfectly. Excerpts:

How different will be Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu compared to your earlier films?
Of course it will be of the genre of family entertainer that I am usually associated with but it has a more serious storyline. Let us say, it is a 100% family entertainer, of which 65% will be of humorous situations and the rest, serious (smiles). It has been inspired from some true incidents and it has a genuine story that can happen in any home.

What is the storyline of the film then?
My character, Chandramohan Thampy, is a post master and the elder son of a retired police officer, Sachidanandan Thampy (Sivaji Guruvayur). His father had high hopes on him but he never lived up to those dreams. Meanwhile, his younger brother Rajmohan Thampy (Rahman) grew up as a big businessman and made his father proud. Things went from bad to worse when Chandramohan married a Christian girl and moved out of his house. Now he had a point to prove and he started spending beyond his means. There started the troubles in his life.

How did you decide to don the hero's role yourself?
I had never thought about facing the camera as an actor, though I have been hosting several music related programmes on TV. In fact, I had suggested three storylines to the producer, but he was impressed by this one. The character suited me perfectly, as Chandramohan was of my age and build.

How is it being an actor?
It is for the viewers to decide on that. During the initial days of shooting, four mainstream directors from the industry who were working with me earlier- Shafi, Mecartin, Sundar Das and Thulasi Das-were entrusted with the task of helping in directing the scenes involving me. They have evaluated my performance and given me confidence.

Since I play my age, I was comfortable playing it. Added to that, I had this habit of enacting the scenes to actors while I am directing. So it was not much of a problem for me and I could easily get into the character.


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  1. Best of luck Rajasenan & Rahman, Thank you for selecting Rahman.



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