Kerala Cafe - Rahman dubbed in his own voice

As per huge request of his fans Rahman dubbed for his new film "Kerala - Cafe".

Congratulations Rahman...


  1. Rahman Bhai,
    Happy to hear that you dubbed your real voice for Kerela Cafe.
    Sumesh,Jackson Heihgts,New York 11372.

  2. Rehman, I always wonder how u manage ur hair style, u look diff. in diff photos, which hair style do u use by default?! and from where do u get ur hair cut? just wondering, thanks

    Ashok, Chicago.

  3. Rehman If you dubb in your won sound you will be the next super star.

  4. Rehman, used his own sound for koodevide, that why,Ravi poothuran still has been nesting in our mind. Dubbing in his own sound is a vital role for a movie star to grew up.If your do this all in your comming movies you will be soon stand with mamooty and mohanlal



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