Fazil film titled Moss n Cat

Fazil’s Moss n Cat has completed 80% shooting and is going through the final shooting schedule. Scripted by Fazil himself, it features Dileep and Rahman in the lead with a newcomer Aswathy Ashok as the heroine. Also in the cast are Nivedhitha, Harishree Ashokan, Janardhanan, Manoj K. Jayan, Krishnakumar, Sudheesh, and Jaffer Idukky.

It was earlier decided that
Moss n Cat would be released only in July but since Bodyguard, Dileep’s film with director Siddique got delayed, they decided to release it earlier. Moss n Cat is produced by Johnny Sagarika; music is by Ouseppachan.


  1. Rahman's performance in the fazil film is superb - says a film journalist who went to the sets.

  2. But Film title is not at all attracting, usually Fazil gives good malayalam literatural names, what happend this time??
    All the best Rehman, keep on acting in Malayalam, very soon you will reach in top, you have the ability & handsome figure.


  3. saw the film. fazil wasted rahman's acting with a very weak story thread.
    sad indeed.

  4. First half is okay, Rahman's appearance also not bad, but unfortunately after the interval story was out of control from the director. An unncecessary song in the car by Jagathi & co. intolerable)instead Rehman should have introcued with s song.


  5. Hello Blog guys,

    Has this film (M n C) dubbed by rehman himself or someone??


  6. sruthy,
    rahman himself dubbed.

  7. Yes...This is voice of Rahman...Tell us...how is it?


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