Rahman in "Vanitha - Veedu" Magazine


  1. Nice to read your views, contruct your house in Cochin, and get more involvement with malayalam industry with lot of chances. Good reports about your performance in "Traffic"; hope you will act more malayalam films like 80's. God bless you,

    your well wishers....

  2. Back in the days I used to live in Jaya Nagar 9th block in Bangalore close to his house.i don't know why he sold his house????
    From Manhattan,New York City.

  3. Why Rahman does"t own a home in Chennai?????

    From Chennai

  4. He is living his own flat in Chennai...


  5. Even Jayaram has a big house in Chennai.so sad to here that Rahman got only a flat in Chennai.

    from Toronto,Canada

  6. Helo Friend...He is loving Flat because his profession. When he is away from home his family members were safe in his Flat. As u know before some months Jayarams house was attacked..

    More over a 4500 SQRT Flat in Chennai is not a simple thing...

    Nithya Varma

  7. Is it Mammootty & Mohanlal lives in a Flat in kochi???? No they never do that.why jayarams house was attacked because of his bad mouth against Tamil people.

    From Hyderabad

  8. Mammootty cochiyil veedu vechathu ee aduthaanu...1 year back..ithrayum kaalam mammutty cochiyil thaamasichittullathu vaadakakku aayirunnu..!jayaramum Rahmanum onnichaanu chennayil plot vaangi veedu pani thudangiyathu..oduvil Rahmante parents estatum businessukalumaayi naattil sthiramaakkiyappol thaamasikyaan aalillaaathe Rahman chenneile veedu koduthathaanennu kettittundu..Ithrayum cash ulla Mammutty yude cochiyile veedu athra valuthonnumalla...Mohanlal chennayile veedu vittathu paisa illaathathu kondaano..?A.R.Rahmante veedum cheruthaanu...Appo ithokke ororutharudeyum personal intrest aanennartham..

  9. Correct...Only Personal Intrest. Tamil Actor Madhavan is living in a 450 SQRT Flat in Mumbai. Intelligent people will invest more in a house. They will invest in Business Plans or Real estate.

    Build a Big house or buy a 30 Lac car is a big foolishness I think...Cenemanadanayathukondu kittunnathellam chlavakki pongacham kanikkakanamennilla. Paravoor Kavalayil Dileepinte veedu kandittundo? Kashillanjittano? Pulli Ippozhum parentsinteyum brotherinteyum koodeyanu thamasikkunnathu...

    Rahmanu nattil oru bunglowum 300 acre rubber estatum undu. Pinne pulliyude soukryathinu Flatil thamasikkunnu...Only one Son..

    Nithya Varma M

  10. Rahman supposed to have atleast a BMW or BENZ Car????
    From Bengaluru


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